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Run Porty Run was formed in January 2017, when a few people in the community expressed an interest in starting a running group.


We initally started as a small group who worked together to complete the Couch - 5K programme. We now have two groups who run on Mondays and Wednesdays - beginners, and runners. Our runners are a mix of C25K graduates, and others who were already running before they found us! We have varied pace and distance groups.


In March 2017, Helen, Jenni & Lynne travelled to Scotstoun to complete our official JogScotland Jog Leader training, and now hold coaching licences. Our other leader is Clive, who will be obtaining his coaching licence shorty.


We run on Monday and Wednesday evenings. We meet outside Bourtree Hall at 18:30, and organise ourselves into groups. We also have ad-hoc meetings and interval sessions. These are generally arranged via our facebook group.


Our group is very friendly and welcoming, and extremely supportive of each other. If you're thinking of trying running, please do come along! You don't need to be super fit or super fast; you can take things at your own level. If you are thinking of coming along, please contact us so we know to look out for you.



Our group is designed for adults, but we do occasionally have youngsters who join us. It's fantastic to see anyone express an interest, but we have strict guidelines we must adhere to, in order to ensure that our group is safe and appropriate for all. If you are intending to bring under 16's, please let us know, so we can explain the circumstances under which they can run with us.




Two of our leaders, Jenni and Lynne, ran an Active Schools club at Portlethen Primary in the term prior to the summer holidays (2017). We hope to develop this club further, and details will be available soon!


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