(JogScotland Portlethen)


We meet outside Bourtree Hall, in Portlethen, at 18:30pm.

Mondays: Runners, Joggers, Power Walkers

Tuesdays: ** Walking sessions currently on winter break **

Wednesdays: Runners, Joggers, Academy Girls

We also have regular ad-hoc weekend runs. Join the Facebook Group for details.

We perform a collective warm up, cool down and stretching routine during the sessions.

We vary our routes around the village and surroundings - we have some beautiful countryside and coast to enjoy in the vicinity!


We would like to draw your attention to some advice to keep you safe, healthy and happy during our sessions.


Please bring water with you to sessions, and we also advise that you hydrate well during the day before classes, drinking 1-2 litres of water.


While we are working with you to improve your running, please alert leaders of any discomfort you experience during sessions. Our leaders will assess how to best support our runners and adapt or change activites or routes if required. We operate our sessions in 3 levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced, as per JogScotland guidance.


Running routes will be assessed to ensure suitability, avoiding potholes and loose ground where possible. Please be aware of changes in levels and take extra care, e.g. kerbs. Pedestrian crossings will be used wherever possible. When running road routes, we will run toward the flow of traffic for safety.

Clothing & footwear

Please ensure that you have appropriate footwear for our sessions. Gait analysis can be useful in ensuring the correct support to avoid injury. Please ensure that trainers and well supported and allow for expansion during exercise.  Particularly in low light conditions, please ensure you have hi-viz clothing - this is also important when the route involves crossing roads. Ensure that you dress appropriately to the weather conditions.

Inclement weather

While we do run in most weathers, some conditions mean that extra care is required with footing, e.g. ice. If a session is to be cancelled, this will be communicated via our Facebook group (or other means if you have chosen another method of communication).

Ill health

We ask that all members complete our PAR-Q form. This is kept confidential, and gives our leaders awareness of any pre-existing conditions which may affect your sessions, or which may need to be disclosed in a medical emergency. Only qualified JogLeaders will discuss any issues with you. If a leader is unsure of a participants medical fitness to join our sessions, a letter from their GP will be requested. We ask that you inform us immediately of any changes to your health, and will ask that you update PAR-Q forms on an annual basis.

Emergency contacts

We will hold emergency contact details for all participants as requested on the PAR-Q forms. Please inform us immediately of any changes to these details.

Leader:participant ratio

JogScotland recommend a minimum ratio of 1 leader to every 15 participants. Our leaders are trained by JogScotland to ensure the safety of the group.


We welcome EVERYONE to our friendly group! We welcome runners of ALL abilities, from complete beginners to seasoned marathon runners. Please be assured that each of our runners is valued equally regardless of age*, gender, race, religion, sexuality, or disability. Should you consider yourself to have a disability, then we will work with you to best support your participation in our group.

*Our sessions are aimed primarily at those over 16 years of age, as our jogLeaders are qualified and insured to hold sessions for adults only. However, please see our members page for details of the circumstances under which children under the age of 16 can participate.

.... and finally.....


Our jogLeaders are volunteers. We give up our time and effort because we enjoy what we do, and we enjoy helping other people to get out in the fresh air, meet others, and get fitter and healthier. If you have any comments, complaints, or complements, please tell us! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our sessions, so we welcome the input of our runners.

Our leaders will not tolerate any kind of abusive or aggressive behaviour, and anyone displaying these will be asked to leave the group for the comfort and safety of all who attend.

Last update: 19th July 2017

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